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Monday , 26 August 2019
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Army Shooter President Rescue v1.0 Mod Android Hack APK Download


Army Shooter President Rescue v1.0 Mod Android Hack APK Download

City is under assault and fear monger have grabbed hold of all the courses in. President is in the antagonistic circumstance and detainee inside the president house. Exceptional power authority crush your way in and clear off all fear based oppressors from the city. Annihilate their weapons, shelters and shoot down their marksmen and salvage the president. In this uncommon armed force operation everything is on stake, fear monger have the high ground. They are furnished with completely programmed and attack rifles which are fatal. They likewise have construct solid check post and have doled out numerous officers to every way point. These fighters are uniquely prepared and tip top executioners. Soften up the city with your shooters group and show extreme shooting abilities to slaughter all these foe of your nation. Shoot with exactness and spare shots to murder more.

Clear the High Way

Unique power trooper take out your rifleman rifles and ride on the armed force’s vehicle rooftop top and shoot the fear based oppressor on the roadway to clear your way in the city. Go for target and shoot with exactness to substantiate yourself the best super expert sharpshooter.

Pulverize Terrorist Bunker

Take your position on a building and take every shot to execute. Devastate the fear based oppressors check post to clear your way. Use extreme military shooter abilities to take the circumstance in under control.

Demolish second Check Post

There’s another radicals post which is profoundly watched with substantial heavy armament specialists. Hit with expert commando group and bring them down.

Rooftop Top Sniping

Amazing expert sharpshooter take your position on a building’s rooftop top and go for fear based oppressor base in the city and shoot with rage and murder every one of them to finish your central goal’s obligation.

Clear President’s House Roof Top

Be careful expert marksmen ahead! They are exceptionally expert and execute with the flicker of eye. Super trooper cover up and shoot the expert marksman and murder them. This will counter psychological oppressor group to advance rapidly.

Garden Assault

Forefront officer do some great shooting and assault the psychological oppressor in the greenery enclosure before president house. Clear the patio nursery and caution the SWAT group to soften up the president house.




Name: Army Shooter President Rescue
Category: Android Action Games
Game Type: Action
Release Date: 29.09.2016
Language: English
Size: 49,19 MB
Company: Top 3D Gamers
File Type: .apk


MOD APK Download

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