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Sunday , 25 August 2019
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Brave Browser 1.0.40 Android Full APK Download


Brave Browser 1.0.40 Android APK Download

Overcome is outlined with an inherent adblocker to give a promotion free and consistent perusing knowledge.

Quick and SECURE

No outside modules or settings to oversee or arrange! Overcome just gives the speediest and most secure perusing knowledge accessible for Android. Overcome is intended for both speed and security, so you can appreciate extremely quick perusing without popups, malware and different irritations.


Overcome lessens page stacking time, enhances execution, and watchmen from advertisements tainted with malware. Overcome demonstrates a 2x to 4x speed increment on Android, so you will see an immediate diminishment in both battery and information arrange utilization.


Overcome likewise ensures clients with driving protection and security elements, for example, HTTPS Everywhere (scrambled information movement), script blocking, outsider treat blocking, and private in secret tabs.

Overcome for Android has the accompanying components:

* Built-in AdBlock

* Blocks pop-ups

* Battery advancement

* Data advancement

* Tracking Protection

* Https Everywhere (for security)

* Script Blocking

* outsider treat blocking

* Bookmarks

* History

* Private tabs

* Recent tabs

How to begin?

Simple! Simply tap on the lion head and find Brave Shields, which have per-site settings so you can choose which destinations to piece.

About Brave

We have a mission to spare the web by expanding perusing velocity and wellbeing for clients, while developing promotion income share for substance makers.

The web has turned into a better place. With the advertisement tech biological community crazy, clients have revolted and blocking promotions has turned into the new weapon of decision for enhancing their perusing rate, wellbeing and security. Lamentably, blocking alone results in a race to the base where no one wins. Without the capacity for substance designers to win cash for their endeavors, clients could be left with less locales to peruse, consigned to hand-picked content from controlled sources.

Overcome expects to change the online promotion environment with micropayments and another income sharing answer for give clients and distributers a superior arrangement, where quick, safe perusing is the way to a brighter future for the open web.

To take in more about Brave web program which has an inherent AdBlock, following and security insurance, and enhanced information and battery encounter, please go to

Note: Brave for Android is Brave’s tab-based program and is not quite the same as Brave Browser – Link Bubble, which loads pages out of sight.




Name: Brave Browser
Category: Android Apps
Release Date: 20.12.2017
Language: English
Size: 41,5 MB
Hack: Mod Money
Company: Brave Software
File Type: .apk

APK Download

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