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Thursday , 22 August 2019
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DEAD TARGET Android Моd Hack APK Download

Dead zombiesaa logo

DEAD TARGET Android Моd Hack APK Download

In 2040, World War III happened, country boondocks changed, forefront war advanced to another period after Minister of Defense denoted a concurrence with CS Corporation to perform broaden Dead Target: change prisoners into super fight killers. However CS tricked and cripple to trigger a zombie scene if the president does not take after their solicitation.

The country’s destiny is getting closer when CS debased a whole city to show that they are completely serious. An unprecedented commando gathering was utilized to scramble toward the cutting edge and accumulate information before the outfitted power can open the counter ambush – operation Apocalypse. Excessively appalling everything turned out seriously, you and authority M are the primary survivor on the course. Break your way through the dead zone, rescue administrator M and development toward fortress range or you will join your dead kin. Be vigilant with the space around, the walking dead foresees a holy person.

Dead Target is a FPS redirection where you can:

Witness the stunning 3D outlines with point by point surfaces

Welcome the sensible sound effect and music

Slaughter zombies in style with epic weapon system

Update your contraptions to defy the imminent zombies waves

Locate the broad beguilement world with various territories

Complete all achievements and adventures to equal your sidekicks

Set your nerve to the most raised add up to oversee assorted zombie sorts

Associate with nature to protect your position and stay alive


Dead Target is permitted to play, you can set aside cash and get all the more extreme weapons

Value the opinion slaughtering far reaching strike of zombies pushing toward you.

Pick your way to deal with pound each one of the zombies: hope to the heads, slice the limb and send them to the sky with hazardous.

New substance upgraded as often as possible


3D outline with sensible lighting from Unity engine

Ragdoll completed to present to you the top epic feeling ever

Weapons have unmistakable sound effects to address their real structures

Diverse regular sound to make the best immersive gameplay


The zombies go with various structures and limits

A couple of zombies can be to an incredible degree danger with wiped out contamination

Once in a while shooting at the head is not the best path, reevaluate before strike


Various weapon sorts included (rifle, shotgun, machine, shot launcher

Keep situating up to open the deadliest guns

A couple of weapons can be slight to some composes of zombie however may be strong against the others, by and large keep you arranged

Have a slant that your weapon is not adequately strong ? Upgrade it or buy another or basically purchase bolsters from the store

Picking the right backing (no reload, perpetual shot, extend discharge rate, mischief, et cetera… ) will make you the dominator on battle zone


Complete excursions to rank up and open more cool things

Need gold or cash to buy something? Keep completing achievements and accumulate rewards

Peculiar achievements are constantly the most liberally adjusted


Contrast your progression and your colleagues, get over them to go a head

Partner with Google+ and Facebook to share what you have done

Compass to the top in your partner list and other overall players


Maintain a strategic distance from zombies escape and cross to the shielded zone

Clear zombies in a facility for treatment research

Keep zombies from entering the cable car framework and spread over the city

Protect a cutting edge that got burst

Investigate a correctional facility where the erupt began

Pay thought on the things around you, they may be the best approach to survival, a singular precise shot can trigger an impact that can save you in the perfect time

Clubhouse SYSTEM

Turn the blessed wheels to accumulate reward thing

Keep swinging to get a chance to win exceptional makes a difference

Free contorts available as a rule, check the club more much of the time to know when you can get one

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Dead zombiesaa3

Dead zombiesaa4

Name: DEAD TARGET: Zombie
Category: Android Action Games
Game Type: Action
Release Date: 26.04.2019
Language: English
Size: 100 MB
File Type: .apk

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Much Money

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