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Monday , 23 September 2019
Home » Android Games » Imperiamus 1.0 Android Full APK Download

Imperiamus 1.0 Android Full APK Download

Imperiamus 1.0 Android Full APK Download

you will play as an Imperiamus soldier, Jiulius 133, that desires to loose the planet Pacemihi from unknown enemies.
As an extra you may play as Edward Blue, a boy with extra powers who allows Julius in his project.

the sport is a 3rd individual shooter with Julius and Edward as playable characters, with the capacity to drive Imperiamus spaceships.

Imperiamus is an intergalactic affiliation which offers with the army and political peace at the planets adhering to this initiative. In this situation Imperiamus sends a legion to free up considered one of its planets, but they can’t enter its surroundings due to the fact the enemy’s spaceships antennas do not let everyone in.
Julius 133, one of the imperial squaddies who survived on earth, is contacted through the general of the ninth Imperiamus Legion and thanks to the radio commands, he’ll should find why the enemies who’ve occupied an Imperiamus planet and acquire 3 critical relics that may shop it.
What Imperiamus knows approximately enemies is that they’re called Kaves and have stolen imperial guns and spacecrafts for a purpose unknown to them.

Name: Imperiamus
Category: Android Apps
Release Date: 03.11.2017
Language: English
Size: 94,80 MB
Company: Imperiamus
File Type: .apk

How To Setup
1. Click and Setup .APK
2. “com.EdwardRadu.Imperiamus” Copy to “Android/OBB”
3. Launch Game


APK Download

DATA Download

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