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Monday , 23 September 2019
Home » Android Apps » MNML Digital Clock Mods [Substratum] 3.0 Android Full APK Download

MNML Digital Clock Mods [Substratum] 3.0 Android Full APK Download

MNML Digital Clock Mods [Substratum] 3.0 Android Full APK Download

absolutely redesigned lock-screen clock mods for Substratum subject matter engines , more than 10 MNML designed delivered for now.

🔶 installation education :-

1 ) pick out appropriate overlay of your ROM from spinner even as applying also ensure which you selected coloration alternatives 🙂

eq : – RR rom customers use the overlay name starting RR

❓FAQ : –

🔶 My Font colour is not changing : –

ROMs like RR have their personal font customization alternative internal SETTINGS–>CONFIGURATION–>LOCKSCREEN–>CUSTOMIZATION . you have to Manually update from there.

🔶 where do i am getting custom fonts as indexed in screenshot.

set up and TypeFace App from playstore and locate the only which fits you.

🔶 Doest it aid OREO.

yes. brought aid for OREO

🔶 My Rom call is not listed ?

please attempt every overlays as it would work 😉

🔶 Font color is mis-behaving

please check ROM customization options and do the requisite from there.

eq: RR rom have lockscreen font color amendment inside settings-> config->lockscreen-> coloration config

🔶the usage of custom dpi , observe this temp fix by way of Rukbeer Singh

” hiya all people got brief fix
compile the apk then exchange your dpi and test after which revert to beneficial dpi amd it will work.
atleast worked for me…”


trade display length to small and test again . income ?

🔶i’m caught at boot loop or facing any issues :-

the use of filemanager from healing , navigate to facts/gadget/overlay.xml delete this document

🔶 want to request for brand new Mod or file worm !

be a part of Telegram organization :-

Name: MNML Digital Clock Mods [Substratum] Category: Android Apps
Release Date: 21.11.2017
Language: English
Size: 12,7 MB
Company: I N F I N I T Y
File Type: .apk


APK Download

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