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Wednesday , 21 August 2019
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Slugterra Guardian Force v1.0.2 Mod Hack APK Download

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Slugterra Guardian Force v1.0.2 Mod Hack APK Download

Amass your group of slugslingers and utilize your best fight strategies to reestablish request to the sinkholes of Slugterra! In view of the hit vivified TV arrangement Slugterra, this enterprise technique diversion gives you a chance to summon a group of slugslingers as you wander from natural hollow to cave, doing combating brigands, thieves, and secretive explorers as you go.

Something unusual is in progress in Slugterra. Townspeople are becoming ill and acting forceful, just about as though they’ve been… ghoulled! Somebody has been sowing turmoil over the caves, so it’s dependent upon Eli Shane to find the guilty party and set things right.

Enter this developing and perpetually advancing world and go up against the part of Eli, the watchman of Slugterra. Rally your group and summon their developments as you impact your way past enemies and challengers on your main goal to ensure the general population, slugs and natural hollows of Slugterra. Make certain to profit to caves frequently for watch—there are constantly new outlaws to battle or things to find!

Procedure is more critical than any other time in recent memory in the material science based fight fields. Drag and excursion your colleagues into position—use hindrances for spread, however look for risks! At that point deliberately pick an intense slug assault to impact at your enemies. Join slug powers for wonderful combo moves!

As you investigate, chase for slugs! Each natural hollow is brimming with slugs with one of a kind forces—even two slugs of the same species may know very surprising moves! Deliberately manufacture your arms stockpile for most extreme capability.


• Take on the part of Eli Shane and amass your group to shield Slugterra from brigands, ghoulled townspeople and puzzling scoundrels!

• In fight reenactment fields, order every colleague’s developments with simple indulgence based style of play—draw back to excursion a character into position, then drop an assault card on a foe to flame a slug!

• Total of 30 novel slug forces to tackle—and attempt combo moves for significantly more assortment!

• Six unique types of slugs to gather!

• Each slug knows an alternate arrangement of forces—even two slugs of the same species may have entirely unexpected capacities!




Name: Slugterra Guardian Force
Category: Android RPG Games
Game Type: RPG
Release Date: 20.09.2016
Language: English
Size: 80,21 MB
Company: Nerd Corps Entertainment
File Type: .apk


MOD APK Download

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