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Thursday , 19 October 2017
Home » Android Apps » Smart Screen Pro v4.2.2 Android APK Download

Smart Screen Pro v4.2.2 Android APK Download

Smart Screen Pro v4.2.2 Android APK Download


Smart Screen Pro v4.2.2 Android APK Download

With “Shrewd Screen On Off” you can kill on/the screen your gadget needn’t bother with power Button by numerous routes beneath:

► Double Tap Screen OFF.

► Double Tap on Status Bar to Screen OFF

► Smart Screen On Off Support numerous Animation to screen OFF.


► Shake to screen ON/OFF.

► You can set shake number to turn ON/OFF screen


► Use Proximity sensor to turn ON/OFF screen (for the most part at the highest point of the telephone)

► Swipe over Proximity sensor to Turn ON/OFF the screen.

► You can set time off postponement to kill screen.

► You can set Swipe number to Swiping over the vicinity sensor to turn ON/OFF screen.


Nearness Smart Cover include for client utilizing Flip Cover (If you utilize a telephone case with cover).

► Just close the cover to turn screen OFF. also, open the cover to turn screen ON

► With this component when you put the telephone in a pocket to turn screen OFF, and take the telephone out your

take the screen will be turn ON.


► Turn OFF screen when you put your Smartphone on table

► Turn ON when you grasp it and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

★ Suggestions ★

► You Should indicate Notification on Status Bar to keep “Savvy Screen On Off” alive and Turn ON/OFF it rapidly.

► Double Tap Home Screen to Screen OFF, Shake to Screen ON

► Shake to kill, utilize the nearness sensor to open the screen to the most agreeable and best.

► When just opening screen highlights with the nearness sensor when removing the telephone from the sack itself on the screen.

► Besides you can especially for the path how to stop by various sorts of sensors.


► If you inconvenience when turn On/Off screen, simply apply turbo wakelock in Other Settings.

► Unfortunately in a few gadgets, the accelerometer sensor can’t be utilized when the screen is OFF so you can’t turn on screen by highlight Shake sensor and Gravity sensor. Be that as it may, you can utilize vicinity sensor.




Name: Smart Screen Pro
Category: Android Apps
Release Date: 02.11.2016
Language: English
Size: 03,70 MB
Company: Suriv
File Type: .apk


MOD APK Download

Smart Screen Pro v4.2.2 Android APK Download

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