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Monday , 23 September 2019
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Sora to umi no aida 1.0.5 Android Mod Hack APK Download

Sora to umi no aida 1.0.5 Android Mod Hack APK Download

◆ ◇ Prologue ◇ ◆
one day, the fish disappeared from the sea.
The Fisheries Ministry may even check the space universe I planned increasingly more.
It changed into the delivery of a space fisherman.
With the strengthening of the equal Employment possibility regulation, the voice of “fishermen also women” has risen.
and six applicants for the clean struggle of yank space Fishermen had been chosen.
this is a story depicting their growth.

◆ ◇ enjoy it! story component set in Onomichi ◇ ◆
“important tale” developed with the aid of six ladies who have become candidates for space fishermen and a ramification of characters surrounding the surroundings, with a wealthy drama full of feelings and sorrows, focusing at the women, “Candidate pupil story” drawn. The selections regarded anywhere, and the reaction of the characters significantly changed via the choice.
let’s enjoy the story that spinning full-voice, expressive and active characters and moving characters set in actual scenes of Onomichi Hiroshima prefecture and stores.

◆ ◇ space fishing element set in “space Ikes” ◇ ◆
On degree in “space Ikes”, candidates who partnered as “mum or dad gods” project to seize “ferocious” fish that has emerge as ferocious! Get a sturdy mum or dad god, fortify and evolve, undertaking to seize massive fish of the universe!

◆ ◇ exhilarating! space fish seize movement battle ◇ ◆
develop the battle, when “Bungeji” is raised to the most, the opportunity of “Bun turn”! Turning off parent gods, amazing forceful & clean ‘fantastic splash’ in space fish with a single shot! “battle” is invoked with a sure possibility after turning. faucet at the telephone and keep to bun and non-stop attack!

◆ ◇ forged creation ◇ ◆
Takahashi Hanabayashi (Spring of Kurocho) / Rika Tachibana (Mr. Nobuno Murakami) / Hana no Hana (Ruby · Azumi role) / Suzuki Momoko (Lake Sakuraba) / Masaki Yone (position of Makiko Momoko) / Kazuyoshi Kisaka (Kannen Hashi)
Masaru Ukita (position Kotabe Ukida) / Naoya Uchida (position Kurobeke) / Aiko Horiuchi (role of Kojiro Tanuki) / Aki Mayama (function performed by using Kudo Suda) / Wataru Takagi (position played by means of Rejuvenol) / Takahiro Sakurai (position of festival conspiratory) / Asakawa Yuri (Narumi Takako role) / Masashi Isao (position as Matsushima Geniko) / Qin Yuki (Kenya Atsushi) / Momono Haruna (Mariko Sakakibara) / Toshiaki Nishikawa (Rika Midorikawa) / Mai Nishikawa (Mina Udagawa) / Eri Tomizawa (Hinata Shinkin branch) and Haruka Nagashima (Shimogami Mochizuki position) and so on.
※ In parentheses are the character names performed

Name: Sora to umi no aida
Category: Android RPG Games
Game Type: RPG
Release Date: 18.11.2017
Language: English
Size: 49,0 MB
Company: ForwardWorks Corporation
File Type: .apk


Hack / MOD Info
weaken the enemy’s blood


MOD APK Download

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