Steampunk Idle Spinner: cogwheels and machines (Unreleased) 1.1.6 APK Download

Steampunk Idle Spinner: cogwheels and machines (Unreleased) 1.1.6 APK Download
Spin the cogwheels, earn money, construct your extremely good steampunk device or an entire Clockwork city, if you want to produce cash from spinning, tapping and inside the idle kingdom. consider a steam-powered massive fidget spinner with engines, pumps, cogwheels, balloons, pistons, zeppelins, railroad and portals? here it is!

Have a laugh from connecting tools and spectating your awesome steampunk gadget working. Or use the portal to travel to another steampunk, dieselpunk, clockworkpunk or gasoline lamp fable global and start constructing once more! Silent movie styled messages will provide an explanation for you what is happening in the game.

you have got the subsequent mechanisms:
1. Cogwheels. you can spin them together with your finger, much like you spin a fidget spinner. you can join new cogwheels to the present ones to get the rotation pace multiplier.
2. Engines. you may attach engines to the cogwheels to let them spin by way of themselves, even while your phone is off! you could improve the engines to allow them to spin faster
3. Coin producing device. Produces 1 coin according to each 10 rotations of the attached cogwheel. additionally rotates a small cogwheel, to which other elements may be connected.
four. Coin collector. Collects all the cash produced. can be upgraded to generate an interest charge of zero.1% of money stored.

Name: Steampunk Idle Spinner: cogwheels and machines (Unreleased)
Category: Android Action Games
Game Type: Action
Release Date: 12.10.2017
Language: English
Size: 20,20 MB
Company: Airapport
File Type: .apk


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