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Friday , 23 August 2019
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Tally Ho 1.0.0 Android Mod Hack APK Download

Tally Ho 1.0.0 Android Mod Hack APK Download

handiest an excellent servant can resolve an ideal mess! Being the best gentleman’s gentleman or girl’s girl doesn’t make you an angel. can you untangle your organisation’s knottiest troubles with elegance and unruffled grace?* because the valet or female’s maid of Rory Wintermint, you’ll go head to head with recalcitrant aunts, mild-passed houseguests, manage a fox hunt and corral distinctive birds!

“Tally Ho” is a six hundred,000 phrase interactive comedy of manners with the aid of Kreg Segall, wherein your choices manage the tale. It’s totally textual content-primarily based—without graphics or sound results—and fueled by the giant, unstoppable strength of your imagination.

It’s England among the wars, and the Nineteen Twenties are roaring! when your agency, a proper younger gentleman or girl named Rory Wintermint is summoned to their aunt Primrose’s u . s . a . residence Ritornello for a weekend, it’s as much as you to make everything run easily…or no longer! glide gracefully backstage to set up everything from the vegetation to their love existence, or go away Rory to their personal gadgets as you pursue crime, adventure, and romance! Will you lie, cheat, and thieve to make sure your organisation’s happiness, or will you insist upon non-public integrity?

• Play as male, woman, or non-binary; homosexual or straight.
• help Rory sort out their love life, or sabotage it totally.
• solve the case of a mysterious sneak-thief–or join them on a criminal offense spree.
• aid spies, avoid the law, calm flighty flappers, and unruffle Aunt Primrose
• Win an amazing Animal show and a boat race fairly, or cheat!
• Dance the lindy hop, or a sleek waltz—or just tut disapprovingly.
• experience trains, motorcycles, zip-strains, bicycles, horses, and rusty jalopies!
• Jazz it up within the Jazz Age, or continue to be aloof and funky as a cucumber.

You’ll be swinging from the chandeliers or serving the canapes on this madcap, however altogether elegant comedy.

Name: Tally Ho
Category: Android Adventure Games
Game Type: Adventure
Release Date: 15.12.2017
Language: English
Size: 49,9 MB
File Type: .apk


Hack / MOD Info
Suspicion Starts @ 1% + Suspicion Never Increases + Renown Never Decreases + Tranquility Never Decreases + Max Money + Stats Start @60% + Relationships Start @70%+ Yak Doesn’t Decrease


MOD APK Download

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