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Wednesday , 21 August 2019
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The Silent Age v2.16 Mod Android Hack APK Download

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The Silent Age v2.16 Mod Android Hack APK Download

Scene Two now accessible, the last section in this recompense winning experience.

The Silent Age takes you on a bold adventure into a tragic future where humankind has become wiped out!

Go through time between the famous 70’s and a forsaken present day frequented by quiet.

The Silent Age is a climatic point-and-snap experience diversion with adapted visuals and a creepy soundtrack that will keep you in anticipation as you tackle mind-twisting riddles.

With an interface particularly intended for touch gadgets, you’ll move through the story without hiccups and disappointments. Sit back, module your earphones, and appreciate the experience.

Foundation Story – – – –

It’s 1972. Adoration is free. Flipflops, English cowhide and handkerchiefs are the stature of style. In the interim the Cold War is more than tepid and a genuine one is going on abroad. Developments are occurring. Tree huggers, the female freedoms development, and on the move floors a completely distinctive sort of development is surpassing the underground clubs. The winds of progress are absolutely blowing over the nation.

Some place in the huge city, in a tall, faceless government building somebody cleared out a window open. Every one of the winds of progress are doing here is blowing leaves everywhere on Joe’s recently cleared floor. He’s been there for a long time now. Working a deadlock orderly employment ensuring the building is as spotless as the suits strolling the corridors. It’s been similar to this for quite a long time, going starting with one soul-eating up employment then onto the next.

Our hero is Joe in more than simply name. He is actually Joe Average. Normal tallness, normal weight, normal IQ. Indeed, the main thing remotely exceptional about him is precisely the amount he complies with the middle of the theoretical everyman, and up until this point, Joe’s life hasn’t precisely been account material.




Name: The Silent Age
Category: Android Action Games
Game Type: Action
Release Date: 01.09.2016
Language: English
Size: 23,05 MB
Company: House on Fire
File Type: .apk

How To Setup
1. Click and Setup .APK
2. “” Copy to “Android/OBB”
3. Launch Game


MOD APK Download

MOD APK Download

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