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Wednesday , 21 August 2019
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Timing Hero v2.2.8 Mod Android Hack APK Download

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Timing Hero v2.2.8 Mod Android Hack APK Download

▣ Timing Hero, The Kingdom needs you once more!

▣ Tons of new elements!

– 10 new legends with all the more capable abilities.

– 16 new manager creatures with unbelievable forces.

– 2 new epic amusement modes; Colosseum and Raid.

▣ Colosseum

– Play as a gathering of 3 saints.

– Battle against different saints with legend aptitudes.

– Switch between 3 party individuals with various aptitudes; assemble your own system against effective adversaries.

– Win 12 fights and turn into a champion to get honor indicates and Summoning Cards open new saints.

▣ Raid

– Play as a gathering of 3 legends.

– Battle against fanciful supervisor creatures with 3 distinctive effective aptitudes.

– Switch between 3 party individuals with various aptitudes; construct your own methodology against intense foes.

– If you are vanquished, you can proceed with your fight with an alternate gathering.

– Killing unbelievable supervisor creatures will concede you awards and intense parchments that can build legend’s traits past the breaking points.

▣ Colosseum/Raid Tips!

– You can switch your gathering part at whatever point you need!

– Buffs and debuffs don’t leave in the wake of changing, use it further bolstering your good fortune.

– Skills, for example, “Paralyze” or “Shackle” can be utilized to stop the foe abilities.

– All the adversary aptitudes can be countered with certain legend abilities.

– Heroes will require a rest subsequent to going to Colosseum or Raid fights. Open and redesign different saints to make more gatherings to play without holding up.

– The trouble of Colosseum/Raid will increment as you clear. Attempt it the following day on the off chance that it gets to be outlandish.

▣ “Long prior, there was an archmage with a spiritualist force. She secured the kingdom with the her 12 witnesses. One day, after the lord passed away, they vanished without a notification, then a perpetual war against the beasts started. The legend says that lone a saint with the antiques of archmage and witnesses can end this war. Individuals held up, for the anointed one, trusting the legend was valid. for quite a while …”

▣ Retro is returning! Exciting control diversion with loaded with RPG highlights.

– No auto-battle

– Evade and counterAttack

– Dodge combo-assaults from supervisor

– Enjoy full 4 hues realistic and 4ch 8bit sound

▣ Play with different legends and one of a kind abilities!

– 26 legends with various capacities and abilities

– overhaul your details with abundance as you need

▣ Pick what you need, gather special antiquities!

– 24 relics of offering impact to all legends

– Upgrade relics, make it all the more effective

▣ Ending is a long ways past!

– Clear stage 40, 80, 120 to see the special epilogs of every legend.

▣ Tip! Take the favorable circumstances by “Simply” dodge and “Simply” assault!

– Just avoid : Evade the accurate planning

– Just assault : Attack beast that shows up in the planning




Name: Timing Hero
Category: Android Action Games
Game Type: Action
Release Date: 05.09.2016
Language: English
Size: 41,08 MB
Company: Buff Studio Co.,Ltd.
File Type: .apk


MOD APK Download

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